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Thermostats with programming function: comfort and savings

Thermostats with programming function: comfort and savings
May 30, 2024

The thermostat (thermostat) is an essential element of floor heating systems. Its task is to stop or resume the supply of electric current when a certain temperature in the room is reached. Failure to use thermostats will lead to overheating of cables and infrared mats. The result is a breakdown of the heated floor, swelling of the floor coverings, and a guaranteed major repair.


Types of thermostats:

1. Mechanical - equipped with a temperature control unit. The control is manual, it is impossible to program the system on/off time. It is distinguished by its reliability and budget price.

2. Digital – equipped with a display and buttons with which the apartment owner sets the temperature of the heating elements.

3. Programmable - on such thermostats you can set the parameters for turning them on/off for a week, taking into account the family mode. They are often controlled from smartphones and tablets using a remote access system. They are expensive, but fully cover the installation costs.

Benefits of Programmable Thermostats

The main advantage of such devices is comfort. The user has programmed the parameters he needs once, and the system will maintain them throughout the entire period of operation. The sensors of the device are sensitive to temperature changes. This allows you to achieve energy savings of 50–70%.


Features of programmable thermostats:


1. Night/day mode – the difference between them is up to 5 degrees.

2. Mode 7 – the user sets the operating mode of the heated floor during the week. And the system itself regulates heating, turning off resistive cables or IR films.

3. 5+2 mode – one program works on weekdays, another on weekends.

The latest generation thermostats allow you to program the operating parameters of a heated floor for each day of the week. In addition, manufacturers equip their products with several built-in programs and the home owner does not have to bother with the settings, but simply chooses a convenient option.


The most expensive thermostats are equipped with Wi-Fi. They are controlled using applications for mobile gadgets. This allows you to regulate and control the heating process of an apartment or house remotely. Such thermostats are often connected to the Smart Home system.

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